Sunman eArc 100W Flexible Solar Panel - SMF100F-3X12UW

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Frameless Flexible Mono Solar Panel - Revolutionizing Solar Solutions

Introducing the Sunman 100 Watt eArc Frameless Flexible Mono Solar Panel, a groundbreaking innovation in solar technology. This panel, featuring advanced mono-PERC cells, addresses the core challenges of traditional solar modules by offering a lightweight, versatile, and robust alternative.

Unpacking the Sunman eArc Solar Panel

Each Sunman 100 Watt eArc Frameless Flexible Mono Solar Panel is a marvel of solar engineering. You're not just purchasing a solar panel; you're investing in a flexible, high-efficiency solution that's easy to transport and install, making it ideal for a wide range of applications.

Enhance Your Energy Efficiency with Sunman eArc

The Sunman eArc Solar Panel, with its ultra-slim profile and flexibility, provides unparalleled efficiency and adaptability. Its durable design has passed rigorous industry standards, ensuring long-term reliability in various environments.

Width: 552mm
Height: 1093mm
Length / Breadth / Depth: 2mm
Weight: 2100g
Rated Power - Pmax (watts): 100W
Max. Power Voltage VMP (V): 21.2V
Max. Power Current IMP (A): 4.75A
Open Circuit Voltage Voc (V): 25.2V
Short Circuit Current Isc (A): 5.12A
Max. System Voltage: 600VDC (IEC)
Max Series Fuse Rating (A): 20A
Module Efficiency: 15.7%
Operating Temperature: -40°C to +85°C
No of Cells: 36 (3 x 12)
Junction Box: Yes, IP68
Connectors / Output Cable: (+) 150mm, (-) 450mm long x 4mm2 leads with MC4 compatible connectors

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