Welcome and thanks for visiting us at Off Grid Direct. We are grateful to have the opportunity to serve you and help you to create a home or business that is environmentally clean to support your health and wellbeing.

Off Grid Direct was formed with the expertise of successful eCommerce entrepreneur, Daniel Walker, who has a passion for bringing value to the marketplace.

We care deeply for and share your passion for sustainable Offgrid Systems and Portable Power solutions

Our business was borne from the same passion and desires and nearly 2 decades of Daniel's experience in the industry as the owner and technical lead of one of the largest battery Wholesalers in Australia and New Zealand.

At Off Grid Direct we live by 5 core company values.


First and foremost we conduct ourselves with Integrity, all of our other core values rely on it! Honesty with customers, the team and one's self.

Love Our Customer

The way we treat, speak and communicate to be able to serve them in a manner that is second to none. We have empathy for them, we care about them and their issues. We actively look to solve their issues with them even if it means passing them to another more suitable company. Customers don’t want to do business with businesses. They want to do business with people. At every touchpoint strive hard to look, act and sound like real people.

Team First

Always puts the team first, does whatever it takes and is committed to the team. Has attention to detail and follows set processes, meets goals, targets and deadlines, is flexible and supports others with their goals tasks and deadlines to ensure team success and the company's vision. Always thinks about the next person in line and what they need.

Personal Accountability

Takes responsibility for any and every task and its completion. Will tackle any task assigned from the incredibly complex to the most mundane of tasks. Show initiative, timeliness, pride in work/workplace and strives for constant improvement.


We are operationally efficient; With our time, with our communication, processing orders and our workflow. We either already have or create efficient processes and we all follow them the same way every time and do not stray from any given process. We are always looking to enhance our processes to improve efficiency and accuracy.