Victron MEGA-fuse 300A/58V for 48V products (1 pc) CIP137300010

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Fuse ratings and how to select the correct fuse:

When selecting a fuse there are 4 selection criteria:

  • Current rating
  • Voltage rating
  • Speed
  • Type

Please go to Page 32 of Victron Energy's Wiring Unlimited to aid in selecting the correct fuse.


Click to view Wiring Unlimited Booklet


SKU CIP137300010
Description MEGA-fuse 300A/58V for 48V products (1 pc)
Application Automotive/Marine/RV, Auxilliary Battery Banks, Off-Grid & Self Consumption Solar, UPS, Peak Shaving
Original Brand Victron Energy CIP137300010
Voltage 48V
Width 19mm
Height 67mm
Length/Breadth/Depth 9mm
Brand Victron Energy




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