Hall Effect Current Sensor

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The REDARC hall effect current sensor is an electronic device which is designed to measure the current flowing in a circuit and output the value of that current as a voltage signal. (i.e. can monitor the amount of current to or from your main or auxiliary battery).

The REDARC Hall effect current sensor is a high performance, compact cable mounted current sensor suitable for installation into rugged environments where a fully sealed product is required to assure reliability. This REDARC device is 100A rated and cannot be damaged by overload.

The GS-AMPS is an optional sensor that is compatible with the following REDARC gauges: G52-VVA, G52-VA, G52-BEA and G52-TA.

Warranty 2 Years
Supplied Cable 4m
Input (Operating) Voltage 8VDC
Length (mm) 54
Width (mm) 31
Height (mm) 10
Weight (kg) 0.1

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