FPV Power Kayak Alarm Lock w/ remote

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Our FPV-POWER Kayak Alarm Lock works as a first line of defense in preventing the theft of your kayak. This keyless lock utilizes a pin code and remote to lock/unlock and arm/disarm. Once armed, any movement/vibration will set off a 110-decibel siren to alert you and hopefully scare away whoever is not supposed to be touching your gear. The lock works on the element of surprise and is not to be 100% relied on to secure/lock down your gear as a bolt cutter will easily cut through the wire cable.

Also works great on camping gear, toolboxes, and anything you can get the cable around!

Weather resistant
Approx. 6 months battery life
1.2m cable length

110dB at 1m

370 grams 370 grams

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