Pylontech Battery

Pylontech batteries have had some fascinating descriptions attributed to them in recent years:


“The next great leap”

Naturally, you’re wondering, “Should I invest in a Pylontech battery? Are they worth the hype?”

Without a doubt, they are.

A set of energy-dense Pylontech batteries stores enough power for your entire home or business, with plenty of juice left over for you to send back to the grid under a buyback scheme.

So, the batteries help you lower your energy bills by limiting your reliance on the grid while generating extra income.

We’ve gathered more smart reasons to invest in a Pylontech battery including safety and durability. As we go over each idea, you’ll also learn:

  • Why Pylontech batteries have such high safety standards
  • Why Pylontech batteries are incredibly durable
  • How cell stacking minimises your space usage
  • The best place to find Pylontech battery solutions

1. High Safety Standards

Pylontech batteries use lithium-iron-phosphate in their cathodes, which has excellent thermal stability and safety performance.

This chemical composition has a minimal thermal decomposition attribute, meaning it doesn’t break down to release oxygen and heat at high temperatures and won’t catch fire.

Lithium-iron-phosphate is also less reactive than other lithium cathodes such as lithium cobalt oxide, enabling better heat dissipation within the Pylontech battery for greater fire safety.

As a result, Pylontech batteries are safely operable in high-temperature environments and pose no risk to your personal safety via overheating.

The Pylontech Battery RT12100G31, for instance, features an impressive 60°C operation capability. That’s a greater temperature tolerance capability than the scorching conditions in the Pilbara region of Western Australia, where temperatures rise to 50°C in the summer.

Pylontech battery from Off Grid Direct

Pylontech batteries also feature an advanced Battery Management System (BMS) for better control of charge and discharge cycles and greater safety.

The BMS prevents overcharge and over-discharge via an automated on-off function and a constant monitor of cell temperature, voltage, and current for abnormalities.

These measures ensure the normal functioning of your Pylontech battery and enable early intervention in case of malfunction to ensure safety.

An ageing battery, for instance, will trigger warnings across the monitored parameters (temperature, voltage, and current), allowing you to get a replacement before the old cell loses its chemical stability and triggers a thermal event.

2. Long Service Life

A Pylontech battery such as the Pylontech 48V 100Ah will give you 15 years of reliable service. That’s over 6,000 charge cycles with full charge capacity and a significantly longer shelf life than a typical lead-acid battery of 500 charge cycles.

This impressive endurance comes down to the sturdy design and thorough quality control process of Pylontech batteries.

Pylontech cell designs feature strong metal casings that offer superior physical protection against bumps, scratches, and compression-related deformities. This keeps the internal components in perfect condition and ensures their extensive normal functioning of up to 15 years.

The Pylontech 48V 100Ah battery is one such design with its strong and compact metal casing build that also has rack mountings for cabinet installations. Cabinets add another layer of physical protection to your Pylontech batteries, extending their shelf-life.

Pylontech battery with cabinet mountings

Pylontech batteries also undergo a thorough quality control process, which ensures reliability.

All assembled units are tested under different environmental conditions for quality. The tests study the effects of varying humidity levels, temperature ranges, and cyclic applications on cell performance, isolating defective batteries before they move through the supply chain.

As a result, only perfect Pylontech batteries make it to your doorstep, which is why the company confidently offers a 10-year warranty through trusted suppliers like Off Grid Direct.

3. High Energy Density

Pylontech batteries offer exceptional energy densities due to their compact designs and lithium chemistries.

Their compact design enables cell stacking, where batteries are piled on top of each other for more efficient use of storage space.

This arrangement allows you to draw more power from multiple cells using the square foot space of one. So, a stack of three 4.8kWh Pylontech batteries, for instance, lets you draw 14.4kWh of power from the square foot space of just one battery.

Meanwhile, lithium chemistries have the highest energy densities of current battery compositions, with an average of 100–265 Wh/kg and low self-discharge rate of 1–2% each month.

The table below compares the self-discharge rate and energy density of lithium batteries with other compositions.

Battery Composition Energy Density (Wh/Kg) Self-Discharge Rate
Lithium-ion 100–265 1–2% per month
Nickel-metal hydride 70–100 30% per month
Nickel-cadmium 50–75 10–15% per month
Lead-acid 25–35 10–15% per month

The higher energy density of lithium chemistries means more power for your home or business from less physical material. This keeps your power setup minimal and easier to manage from an ergonomics point of view.

Case in point, the Pylontech 48V battery discussed earlier generates 4.8kWh from a mass of 39 kg (123Wh). You would need a hulking 137 kilos of a 35 Wh/kg lead-acid battery to generate the same amount of energy—more than three times the weight.

set of energy-dense pylontech

4. Cost-Saving Government Schemes

There are various cost-saving schemes across Australia, and investing in a Pylontech battery helps you qualify for one.

These schemes aim to encourage Australians to adopt renewable energy sources such as solar and wind, limiting their dependence on a fossil-fueled grid.

Currently, fossil fuels account for 71% of Australia’s electricity generation but this share will decline as more businesses and households take up these programmes, including:

  • Solar Victoria: Under this scheme, the Victorian government offers rebates of up to $2,950 for the cost of purchasing and installing a home battery system. Pylontech batteries make the list of approved products.
  • New South Wales Rebate Swap: This scheme allows New South Wales residents to trade their cash rebates for a full solar installation that generates more value through lower energy costs.
    A Pylontech battery with its high energy density of 123 Wh/kg helps you take advantage of this scheme for massive energy savings.
  • Western Australia Energy Buyback Scheme: This policy allows residents to export excess renewable energy to the grid with high rates paid at peak demand—late afternoons and evenings.
    Pylontech batteries come equipped with a smart management system to facilitate this process.

Join the Sustainable Energy Revolution With Off Grid Direct

So, there are four smart reasons to invest in a Pylontech battery. With these ideas in mind, why not check out the vast collection of Pylontech Battery Solutions on Off Grid Direct?

We care deeply about sustainable power solutions and strive to help businesses and end users go green. That’s why we only supply them with the highest-quality brands such as Pylontech at the most competitive prices.

Already, Pylontech has helped individuals realise the benefits of going green with lower energy costs.

“Great system and money saver. After deciding to go fully electric in our home (no gas usage or gas appliances) … The battery system has performed great and is worth every single cent …. ” - Sini, satisfied Pylontech buyer

Contact us today to learn more about our solutions and how our price match guarantee ensures you always get the best deal.

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