Pylontech Communications Master Controller Low Voltage Hub LV-HUB

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LV-HUB - RS485/CAN Communication hub for use with the US Series rack mount batteries from Pylontech

LV-Hub is the communications hub for use with strings of up to 8 units of US2000 or 8 units of US3000 batteries.

A single LV-Hub can manage up to 5 strings of 8 batteries (ie. 40 batteries), and can be expanded up to 5 LV Hubs to manage a total of 200 batteries.

Systems containing between 2 to 5 LV Hubs will require 1 additional LV Hub to act as the Master Hub.


Operating Voltage:  48VDC
Communications:  CAN/RS485
System Consumption:  2 Watts
Protection:  IP20
Operational Life:  15 years
Working Temp.:  -20 to +60 degrees celcius
Storage Temp.:  -40 to +80 degrees celcius
CAN (Max 5):  Baud rate: 500K; terminal resistance: 0/120 Ohm
RS485 (Max 5):  Baud rate: 9600/115200
IMPORTANT NOTE: The Manual describes the operation and use of the LV-Hub, as a communication hub for the parallel connection of multiple low-voltage products. In it you will find instructions on how to connect different application scenarios:
  • Parallel connection of multiple US versions of batteries (star topology),
  • Multiple US-C versions of batteries (daisy chain topology).

If you are mix using US series and US-C series batteries, please use C-models as masters and apply daisy chain structure for LV-HUB & battery connection.

It is important to follow the power on sequence described in the instructions,to ensure correct connectivity of the system.


Description CAN/RS485 communications master controller low voltage hub
Application For more than 8 units of US2000 or US3000 Series batteries in a maximum of 5 piles
Voltage 48V
Width 442mm
Height 44mm
Length/Breadth/Depth 150mm
Weight 3500g
Brand Pylontech



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